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Information And Documents
Contact List- A list comprised of people who have an interest in purchasing a pup from Japatul Labradors.   The folks on this list will be updated and notified of upcoming litters of pups.  These litters have not been born yet.  Each person on this list is dated with the date of initial contact with us.  Once puppies are born, people on the contact list will be notified that the litter has arrived and what colors and genders are available.  Those who are interested in purchasing one of the available pups will be asked to fill out our puppy pre-purchase questionnaire and email it to us.  Once we have reviewed the questionnaire, we will contact you by phone for a conversation.  At that time, if it is decided to purchase one of the available pups, a $300 deposit will be required and you will be placed on the waiting list for that litter.  

Waiting list-  Waiting lists are made for each litter and are comprised of a list of people who have been screened by us and have made a $300 deposit.  Those who are on the waiting list are placed in picking order, according to the date of first contact.  Those waiting the longest for a pup, will be higher up on the list for choosing a pup.   Folks can only be on a waiting list for the number of pups deposits have been made for (ie. one deposit made for 1 chocolate female pup or 2 deposits made, 1 for a chocolate female and 1 for a black male, etc...).  Color and gender must be decided when being placed on the waiting list.  Our waiting lists are very fair.  Nobody gets left out or bumped down on the list if all requirements have been met.

Please contact us to be placed on one of these lists.
Our males are available for stud service to approved outside females with proper clearances.
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