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The Health and Welfare of our dogs and puppies is Paramount.  But what is equally Paramount for a prospective puppy/dog owner, is to visit the facility of the breeder.  To protect our dogs and puppies from potential harm or disease, we ask that you adhere to the following visitation guidelines.

1.   Make an appointment with us prior to coming, by contacting us either by phone (call or text) 530-586-2290, or by email, japatullabs@hotmail.com.  You will not be allowed in to visit without an appointment.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

​2.   Please show up to your appointment on time.  This is our home and we have lives beyond waiting for folks to show up for their appointments.  Please consider this when planning your travel.  

3.   Visitation times are Monday thru Saturday and are limited to 45 minutes.  My days are packed full of duties.  Lengthy appointments cut into my daily routine.  We reserve Sunday for family.  It's the only day My husband and I can spend together.

4.   PLEASE, do not visit any other Breeding facility, Shelter, Veterinarian Hospital, Dog Park or Pet Store, prior to coming here.  These places are the "Perfect" place to come in contact with a communicable disease that can then in turn, be brought here.  

5.  Please were suitable clothing and footwear for visiting a ranch.  This means clothing you don't mind getting dirty and closed toe shoes.  You will be asked to step into a shallow tub of Disinfectant and sanitize your hands before touching any dog or puppy.    

6.   If you are coming with small children, please do not allow them to pick up any puppy.  They can sit down on the floor and hold a puppy on their lap.  Parents need to be in complete control of their children at all times.  This is a ranch and we have many animals, including horses, cats, chickens, pigs and cattle, in addition to our dogs.  There is much to get hurt on so children need to be on their best behavior at all times.  

7.   When you arrive to our ranch, please push the call button on the key pad at the gate and wait to be let in.  We have high security here to protect our facility and animals, and there is video surveillance going at all times.

8.   Please do not go out into any of the fenced areas without permission while you are here.  You will get the opportunity to visit all of the dogs in the area they are at for the day, which means there will be 6 to 8 dogs to visit with.  They LOVE people and will compete for attention.  They are all trained to not jump on people but sometimes there excitement can get the best of them.  Over stimulation makes this worse.  Please refrain from throwing things like balls, toys or sticks, encouraging them to retrieve.  With that many dogs at once, they get over excited and stimulated and that encourages them to fight over the retrieval.  I do not want my dogs hurt and it has happened in the past, so throwing objects for them is COMPLETELY  off limits.  When we play fetch and retrieve with our dogs, it is on a one on one basis only.

9.  Please do not bring your dog with you when visiting our ranch.  If  you do have your dog with you, it will need to remain in your vehicle.   

10.  Last but not least, enjoy your time here.  We feel it is extremely important for potential new puppy owners to visit with the prospective parents.  This will give you an idea of the look and temperament your puppy will have once an adult.  

We are here to answer all of your questions with openness and transparency, so please don't hesitate to ask away.   You can send questions via email too and we can talk by phone.