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Training and Boarding
We offer a training program on a very limited degree.  Due to having several of our own dogs that require our daily attention, we only have the time to have no more than two outside dogs or pups here for training.  This is imperative to be completely successful.  

Our training program is only offered for dogs we have bred, and can be any age, ranging from 8 weeks and up.  We understand that lack of time or knowledge of how to train, can leave your dog or puppy with some pretty bad manners.  

If you have purchased a  pup from us, and training hasn't gone as well as you'd hoped, you can bring them back, at any age, for a session of training.  We will discuss the problems you are having, take your dog into our care for a time, then once we have your dog responding successfully, we will teach you how to reinforce the training at home.

If you want to avoid the hassle of crate training and house breaking an 8 week old puppy, our puppy starter program may be ideal for you.  Instead of taking your puppy home with you at 8 weeks, your puppy will stay here and begin the process of crate training, house breaking and basic obedience.  

Training is $350 per week and includes food, any vaccines required during their time with us and any other basic need.  The time frame for training is typically 8 weeks but can be tailored for your needs.

We also offer boarding on a limited basis.  I know first hand how stressful it is to plan a vacation and try to figure out where or with whom to leave your dog.  We always welcome dogs we have bred, back for boarding, while you are away.  They will have their own kennel to stay in and get plenty of exercise and attention.  If they are use to sleeping in your house at night, we can do that too, but do require they be crated at night.

Boarding runs $30.00 per day for one dog, $25.00 per day for any additional dogs.  We will provide the food  or you can bring your own.   All dogs that come in for boarding are required to be current on vaccines and are free of all internal and external parasites.  

Below you will find our training and boarding agreements.

Some dogs and puppies we have trained for others.