Japatul Labradors
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Our Facility
​Our Ranch sits on 22 acres of land.  We have a 6000 sqft barn that accommodates our dogs, horses and equipment.   Our kennel area is covered and have concrete floors, (required by county animal control)  and are equipped with drains for easy cleaning.  Each kennel is washed and sanitized daily.  

The whelping/puppy room is heated and air conditioned and has access to an outdoor area as well.  Once pups are old enough to be out of the whelping box, they are able to explore outside at their own will.  They are introduced to a variety of toys to adventure.  Pups are attended to several times a day for cleanings, feedings and lots of love and socialization.  They are brought into the house for human contact and snuggles several times a week, which is an important part of proper socialization.  I also have regular volunteers to come over weekly, starting at 4 week of age, to socialize and help crate condition.  Pups are also introduce to various surfaces to walk on (carpet, rocks, concrete, dirt, water, grass, etc.).  Many of our puppies go into the service dog program, so it is vital for them to get proper socialization and human contact.

All of our adult dogs have approximately 12 hours a day to spend in a 5 acre run that has a seasonal pond.  This area is also equipped with  a large dog condo, for sleeping and staying out of the weather, that accommodates up to 6 dogs.  The time spent in this area gives them the important socialization and play time with each other.  There is never a lack of exercise around here.

Each dog is also worked with daily in some fashion (leash and obedience training, show training, retrieve training, etc). It is extremely important to us that our dogs have a wonderful life during their breeding and showing careers, with a lot of love, attention and training.