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Japatul's Georgia Moonshine
Flynt is a very correct and gorgeous young man sired by our boy Bentley and out of our girl Georgia.  Not only is he stunning to look at, you will not find a more lovable, kind dog anywhere.  He is sweet, funny, mellow and a bit goofy.  He is still young and has a lot of maturing to do but for his age, he is breath taking.

Unfortunately his show career was cut short with just being entered in one 4 day show.  While out playing, he sustained a fracture to his left Carpal  (wrist)  and the way it healed will likely give him some trouble throughout his life giving him a mild limp.  Limping in the show ring is not desirable and would likely result in a dismissal from the judge so it is best to just retire him from showing all together.  This is quite the shame for I believe he has a very bright future.

He will get the chance to sire at least one litter, maybe more, but  ultimately, he will retire from that as well and be placed in a low key pet home where he can live out his live being pampered.  

Stay tuned for more updates on Flynt.
Japatul's Moonshine Runner X Georgia Rules At Hylakes