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About Japatul Labradors
Japatul Labradors has produced quality English Labrador Retrievers since 1998. We are a small, licensed hobbyist Kennel. We participate in AKC-sanctioned events such as conformation, hunt trials and obedience. Our kennel name is registered through AKC.

Our Labradors are English style with dual-purpose pedigrees. We are dedicated to the development of the "All Purpose" Labrador Retriever. All of our litters are carefully planned. They are bred for show, hunt/retrieve and family companions, concentrating on health, conformation, working ability and temperament. They make wonderful family pets, hunt/retrieve partners and therapy/service dogs. Many of our dogs we have bred have gone on t0 excel in the show ring and hunt trials.

All of our dogs are part of our family. They are very well socialized
with people and other animals. All of our dogs are obedience trained
and worked with daily.  

All of our dogs have been health cleared for genetic defects within the
Labrador breed, most of which are through DNA. Our dogs are also
DNA tested to NOT carry silver.

Our puppies are handled and socialized from day one. They have been 
dewormed, immunizations started and are Micro-chipped

We offer a one or two year guarantee (your choice) for all hereditary
defects known within the Labrador Retriever breed.

All of our puppies are sold on limited registration or co-ownership papers. We want our puppies to go to loving pet homes or show homes. No breeding rights are giving with limited registration. If 
co-ownership is giving, all breeding's must be approved for quality purposes.

We are located in Northern California, 2 hours north of Sacramento. We welcome visitors on an appointment basis only.

We do not sell our puppies over the internet. A puppy pre-purchase questionnaire is required to be filled out, and then an in person or phone introduction will be given, and then a $300 non refundable deposit made before being placed on a waiting list for a litter that is already born. We are required by the state of California to collect sales tax.

You are more than welcome to be placed on our contact list without a deposit, prior to a litter being born. You will be notified within 36 hours of birth to continue the process if desired, at which time, a deposit will be required.

We do not place puppies with families who live in apartments or condos unless you have your own private yard. We believe Labrador Retrievers need space.

Click here for more information about our contact list, waiting lists, price list and important documents.

Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you enjoy.
Committed to breeding the all purpose Labrador Retriever, focusing on conformation, health, temperament and trainability